Sustainable Stormwater Infrastructure Committee

The Sustainable Stormwater Infrastructure Committee is part of the Water, Wastewater & Stormwater Council under the Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Mission Statement

The Committee's mission is to provide a forum for Civil Engineers, Regulators and other Urban Infrastructure Professionals to explore the evolving practices of stormwater, stream and lake pollution treatment, conveyance, controls, modeling and management. This Committee is committed to furthering ASCE's sustainable principles (Policy Statement 418).

Current News

WEF/ASCE MOP 87, Design of Urban Stormwater Controls

A Blue Ribbon EWRI informal committee, chaired by Rob Traver from the Stormwater Infrastructure Committee and Urban Water Resources Research Council, has recommended acceptance of the WEF/ASCE MOP 87, Design of Urban Stormwater Controls. The authors of this Manual of Practice (MOP) are volunteers from within the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and EWRI under Co-Chairs Dan Medina with ATKINS and Christine Pomeroy with the University of Utah.

The authorship of any MOP is an arduous task, especially when trying to cover an area such as stormwater that is diverse and evolving. The first call for authors was in 2007, and the first review by EWRI was organized in 2008. Starting with the first review, the authors responded to the comments of the review committee, addressing each comment and improving the document. Many members of the two EWRI committees were involved in the first three reviews. Following the third review it was decided the document would have a final review completed by five members whom had been involved since the beginning of the project (annotated with an * below). The result of this final review was to recommend acceptance of the MOP. Quoting from the final acceptance letter,

"The EWRI review committee is appreciative of the tremendous strides taken. This document will have a substantial impact on a still evolving field. What is most difficult in crafting this MOP is that some design aspects are relatively immature and others longstanding. Add to that the variety of approaches across the nation, and what we have is an extraordinarily complex task, and a need to get it right. We applaud the initiative of WEF, and that of the authors from both organizations."

We look forward to the publication of MOP 87 in 2012, and are deeply appreciative of all the hours of review by the following individuals:

ASCE/EWRI Blue Ribbon Review Panel

Current and Potential Tasks

This committee is involved with the EWRI Sustainability Committee and the EWRI Green Highways and Green Streets Committee.

Meeting Minutes

The committee meets several times a year, as necessary. Minutes from recent meetings are listed below.

Board of Directors

Elections for committee officer positions occur every October. Below are the current committee officers.


Send your contact information to Barbara Chongtoua to join the Stormwater Infrastructure Committee.


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